Who is DataCite?


DataCite is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009. DataCite wants to help make data more accessible and more useful; its purpose is to develop and support methods to locate, identify and cite data and other research objects. Specifically, the organisation develops and supports the standards behind persistent identifiers for data, and its members assign them.

We bring together actors from the research community to address the challenges of making research objects visible and accessible. Together we constitute a global network of dataset researchers.

Through collaboration, DataCite:

  • supports researchers by helping them to find, identify, and cite research data and other research objects with confidence;

  • supports data centres by providing persistent identifiers for datasets, workflows and standards for data publication;

  • supports journal publishers by enabling research articles to be linked to the underlying data/objects.
    Currently we are working primarily with organisations that host data, such as data centres and libraries.

DataCite FAQ