What can my organisation do to enable PID adoption among researchers?

Below you will find the actions as recommended by the ODIN project:

1] Lower access barriers for institutions to participate to interoperable global PID e-Infrastructures, through appropriate agreements between institutions, fostering collaborations and with the support of national/international bodies.

[2] Support scientific communities without existing PID solutions to participate to existing interoperable PID frameworks, while tailoring interfaces to their specificity.

[3] Provide (seed) funding to ease local participation and access to emerging PID infrastructures.

[4] Design policies to elevate data to a key indicator in research assessment, with appropriate attribution to their creators and curators, through open and interoperable PIDs.

[5] Design appropriate incentive systems to pervade research evaluation, e.g. citation mechanisms based on PIDs for data, linked to PIDs for contributors.

[6] Assure that a trusted/open/sustainable/interoperable PID infrastructure is established with ease of participation of 3rd parties.

[7] Establish a participative framework with PIDs for contributors and materials, where any participant can expose information, enriching the entire e-Infrastructure.