What are the differences between ORCID and DataCite Metadata?

One of the first tasks for DataCite in the European Commission-funded THOR project, which started in June 2015, was to contribute to a comparison of the ORCID and DataCite metadata standards. Together with ORCID, CERN, the British Library and Dryad we looked at how contributors, organizations and artefacts - and the relations between them - are described in the respective metadata schemata, and how they are implemented in two example data repositories, Archaeology Data Service and Dryad Digital Repository. The focus of our work was on identifying major gaps. Our report was finished and made publicly available in September 2015. The key findings are on these topics:

  • Common Approach to Personal Names
  • Standardized Contributor Roles
  • Standardized Relation Types
  • Metadata for Organisations
  • Persistent Identifiers for Projects
  • Harmonization of ORCID and DataCite Metadata

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