How can I use ORCID iDs to evaluate research activity?

Understanding the impact of your funding programs is vital to your strategy, program design, and mission alignment. By embedding ORCID iDs in your funding workflows, you can reliably connect your grantees and funding programs - and save everyone time and reduce errors caused by manual keying of information. Using ORCID in your system(s), you can play your part in building a trusted research information infrastructure by asserting connections between individuals and the grants you award them.

Find out more about how other funders are using ORCID here. And take a look at Best Practices for Funding Organizations and ORCID's Collect & Connect for research funding.

The ORCID Reducing Burden and Improving Transparency (ORBIT) project engages funders to use persistent identifiers to automate and streamline the flow of research information between systems. If you would like to find out more, take a look at these slides.