Introduction for publishers

As a publisher, you know the effectiveness of DOIs for maintaining the scholarly record allowing effective citation of outputs ranging from journal articles to datasets. This is shown through the continued support of Crossref. DOIs are one example of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs).

Increasingly, there is a recognition of the value of PIDs for other entities in the scholarly ecosystem, for example, ORCID iDs provide a unique identifier for authors allowing their contributions to be more easily connected together. As a bridge between, author, readers, funders, and organizations, publishers play an important role in adoption of PIDs.

Beyond being beneficial for the wider ecosystem, PIDs can help you in making submissions systems, editorial, and peer-review more efficient, for example, by pre-populating author details. Additionally, PIDs can help you offer novel services, for example, Cited-by linking, Crossmark and [Event Data](Event Data) are all built around the functionality that PIDs offer.