Is there a PID type to identify my own organisation?

The Crossref Funder Registry is a unique taxonomy of grant-giving organizations. A freely-downloadable file, this registry lists funders and their unique identifiers. It is CC-0 and available to integrate with other systems. The registry is donated by Elsevier and updated approximately monthly with new funders. Existing entries are also reviewed to make sure that they are accurate and up to date. If you spot anything that doesn’t look right please get in touch with Crossref.

The Funder Registry helps provide clear, transparent and measurable information on who funded research and where it has been published so that:

  • Funding organizations are able to better track the published results of their grants
  • Research institutions are able to monitor the published outputs of their employees
  • Publishers are able to analyze the sources of funding for their authors and ensure compliance with funder mandates
  • Readers and the public benefit from greater transparency on who funded the research and the results of R&D funding.