About the THOR Project

THOR is a 30 month project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. It will establish seamless integration between articles, data, and researchers across the research lifecycle. This will create a wealth of open resources and foster a sustainable international e-infrastructure. The result will be reduced duplication, economies of scale, richer research services, and opportunities for innovation. There are 10 partners participating in the project, and you can find out more at the project site, and you can get in touch using our contact form.

The THOR project aims to expand the integration of PIDs into platforms, services and workflows. This will place PIDs at the fingertips of researchers, building them into the services that they already use, across disciplines, regions and systems. The scope is not to build new, standalone services, but to work with existing systems and the community to increase the use of PIDs and to solve shared problems.

Work Packages

THOR is divided into several threads of effort, called "work packages" or "WP" for short. These WPs indicate the emphases and priorities for the project.





We're running training events, webinars, workshops, and providing resources, like this knowledge hub, to get the community involved and to lower the barriers to PID adoption, integration and use. We also have a fantastic group of THOR Ambassadors, volunteers from across the community who are engaged with us and help to share the work we're doing and the lessons we've learned. If you'd like to find out more about becoming an ambassador, read the introduction for ambassadors

External information

The THOR mission on the THOR blog

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